Defending the West Coast


9 thoughts on “Defending the West Coast

  1. Remember GP I met George.
    We sat side by side on a “love seat” talking about his career for close to 5 hours.
    I just stumbled upon that YouTube video that was put on a Facebook page.


  2. Hi Pierre,
    I am doing some research on the No. 135 Hurricane Hawker fighter Squadron and the No. 149 Lockheed Ventura BR Squadron that were both stationed in Terrace, BC from Nov 1943 to March 1944 as part of the second line of defense under the Western Air Command. We still have remnants of the gunnery backstop and other structures at the airport that we are wanting to do some heritage recognition for and maybe create some interpretive signs. I see an article on your site about the Disney family history and the WWII nose art but I don’t know who wrote it. This article included nose art info for the 135 and the 149 squadrons that I would like to reference. If you have any other info or can point me to places where I can get more info on the 135 and 149 squadrons and any photos of the Hurricanes or Venturas in Terrace that would be much appreciated. We are also looking for some info on how the gunnery backstop was used or photos of them in use.

  3. Thanks Pierre, I did notice a reference to Clarence in the document but didn’t think he wrote it because it was written in the third person as if someone else wrote it. I have Clarence’s email and can contact him.

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