All things in balance…

Comment just added…

Singling out Vintage Wings Website as some sort of place that is stonewalling Clarence’s efforts to bring to light the artists and history surrounding nose art and badges seems weird. I have run stories about nose art, with images and information supplied by Clarence Simonsen. In fact, I thought I was a big supporter.

Here are the stories I have either authored or largely edited for Clarence, plus a story that deals with nose art of the Home War Establishment

Following up on every story Clarence has suggested would be a full time job. We have now over 400 stories and features in our efforts to bring a balanced picture of Canadian and world aviation history. I for one am a HUGE nose art fan… but this area is simply one small, albeit interesting, aspect of our history.

Vintage Wings of Canada is not a government agency, we receive no public funds, and our website is simply the result of one volunteer’s efforts. If we have not been an effective voice for Clarence’s life mission, it is only because we have many voices to speak for. Many.

All things in balance.

Dave O’Malley