Gibby and Harry, comrades-in-arms

This picture of Gibby I posted last time was in Harry Hardy’s logbook.

Collection Harry Hardy DFC via Richard Tunstall

His grandson Richard Tunstall is paying homage to his grandfather and his comrades-in-arms on a Website.

One of my virtual friends living in Belgium had sent me this comment…

Hi Pierre,
you will find a picture of William Gibbs at the following URL

I never expected this! Well maybe I did.

I am always surprised by what is evolving from my blogs. Just like yesterday when Captain Foster’s son wrote a comment on my blog about RCAF No. 403 Squadron.

What an amazing blog and what a wonderful tribute to those who served in 403 squadron. I am Cap’s youngest son and can’t thank you and Greg enough for putting this together. I can answer your question as to whether or not Cap was Eugene Gagnon’s flight instructor unfortunately he was not, I just searched through my fathers log books from his time at 6 SFTS in Dunnville and Eugene’s name was not there. Too bad because that would have been so very cool. I look forward to learning more about the history of the Wolf Squadron and once again thank you so much for your efforts.

Getting back to Harry Hardy DFC…

Collection Harry Hardy DFC via Richard Tunstall

You have to see what his grandson did.

Click here. 

I would have done the same if he had been my grandfather.

I contacted Richard who, in turn, sent me these links to the videos he had made of his grandfather’s WWII experience as a Typhoon pilot.

No piece of cake!

I was not aware of the losses suffered by those pilots during the invasion of Normandy in June 1944.

Here are the links to the videos to find out more.

Part One

Part Two

Part three

At the end, Harry Hardy is quite moved by all he has told his audience.

Richard told me Harry is still with us and he is turning 90 in May 2012.  

We owe him so much, more than just paying him this small homage.

As a footnote to this article…

This is the plane Harry flew. I also had posted it without knowing who the pilot was.

Collection Harry Hardy DFC via Richard Tunstall