F/O Charles Reginald Redeker, Torbay, Newfoundland 1944

I told Greg that we were going to write about all of his grandfather’s comrades-in-arms that we find in his photo album.

Charles Redeker is one of them and he was also posted at Torbay, Newfoundland, in 1944.

REDEKER, F/L Charles Reginald (J12484) –

Mention in Despatches

– No.418 Squadron

– Award effective 1 January 1946 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 155/46 dated 15 February 1946.

Home in Windsor, Ontario; enlisted there 28 August 1941.

Trained at No.1 ITS (graduated 20 December 1941), No.3 EFTS (graduated 27 February 1942) and No.14 SFTS (graduated 3 July 1942).

Served in No.128 Squadron in Canada – Sydney, Nova Scotia, 19 July 1942 to 24 June 1943 and at Torbay, 24 June 1943 to 5 March 1944.

Unit identified in AFRO only as “Overseas”; see

The RCAF Overseas: The Sixth Year, pp.320 and 341.

September 28th was another night for ground targets. F/L R. H. Thomas, R.A.F. with F/O G. J. Allin, R.A.F. strafed the entire length of a train near Darmstadt and S/L D. B. Annan with F/O A. M. MacIntosh, who scored strikes on a large unidentified aircraft on the ground at Stendal, attacked two more trains with success. F/L Miller with Sgt. Hooper destroyed three trucks and damaged six more while F/O C. R. Redeker with F/O M. E. Zimmer damaged one truck. The next night two trucks were destroyed and one damaged and a train was successfully attacked by Seid and McIntosh.


Its first sorties in support of ground forces took place on the night of January 3rd when twelve crews took off to bomb St. Vith which had been retaken by the Germans in December in the Battle of the Bulge. Ten of these crews attacked but failed to observe any results because of the weather, though one destroyed a transport and damaged another on the way. When the same place was bombed again two nights later, F/L H. S. Glassco and his navigator, F/O T. Wood, R.A.F., did not return. F/O Redeker with F/O Zimmer attacked a flying bomb en route but did not know if they had hit it, though they subsequently saw it crash.

Walter Neil Dove has a picture of Chuck Redeker.

Walter Neil Dove wrote in the back all the names.

Chuck flew with RCAF No. 418 City of Edmonton.

Click here for pictures of what he was flying.

While looking at the pictures, I noticed this one…

F/O Redeker with F/O Zimmer?

The pilot beside the ladder sure looks like Redeker…